Mask Testing
The Face Mask Differential Pressure Tester is suitable for testing air flow resistance and differential pressure of textile materials and face masks.
This testing method adheres to the EN 14683 and CNS 14777 (Taiwan) standards.
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Pore Analysis

Poretech Instrument have been committed to the research of pore feature measurement technology for porous materials, and to ensure accurate measurements of various pore structure materials.


Mask Testing

The Face Mask Differential Pressure Tester is suited for air flow resistance testing and differential pressure testing for textile materials and face masks. Testing method is according to EN 14683 and CNS 14777 (Taiwan).


Permeability Testing

Many applications of porous materials require very low gas permeability through these materials. Determination of the magnitudes of flow rates of gas through materials used in these applications is important for evaluation of products.

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