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Poretech Instrument Inc.

A global enterprise with specialization in manufacturing of pore size measuring instruments and pore characterization services. The team of Poretech Instrument consists of engineers and scientists having core experience in pore size characterization of porous materials.

With more than 30+ years’ experience, PTI provides a wide array of pore size testing instruments for both academics and industry to meet their various R&D and QC/QA applications. PTI instrument can measure surface area, density, pore size distribution based on volume and flow. Our key customers includes researchers and QC/QA professionals working in the areas of non-woven, membranes, air -liquid filtration, paper & pulp, battery separators, powders, pharmaceuticals, porous materials, healthcare and oil & gas industry.

PTI has direct offices in Canada, India, Taipei (Taiwan), Shanghai (China) & Malaysia backed by an experienced global distributor network in more than 15+ countries.

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