Innova BET 比表面积分析仪 Model: iBET 200 系列

  • Analysis stations: 4-Station and 6-Station, fully automated operate
  • Surface Area and Pore Size by Gas Sorption
  • Adsorption / Desorption isotherm
  • Specific surface area: BET, Langmuir
  • Meso pore size distribution: BJH, Dollimore-Heal
  • Micropore area and volume: Dubinin-Radushkevich, t-Plot method
  • Micropore distribution: MP, HK, SF, DA, and compatible with NLDFT (Option)
  • Total pore volume and average pore width
  • Auto Degassing: full-automatic, program control degassing system
  • Built-in 3 touch PAD for both instrument control / Analysis and data reduction in real time. Remote control and service-after-sales may be performed with a dedicated mobile APP option.
  • The latest patented Constant Void Volume Technology: The servo-feedback elevator plus a 1000 torr transducer accurately controls the coolant level to keep the void volume constant despite of the coolant
  • Fully automated constant temperature system: The dual gas input preheating with 0.02 ℃ high-precision thermistor system, controls the temperature between 35-50 ℃ with real-time display of the temperature of the gas pipe and the manifold against errors caused by environmental factors.
  • PFC flow control valves: System evacuation is performed by a pre-set program; the evacuation rate may be adjustable to prevent powder intake into the system during initial evacuation and to increase the pumping rate as the system approaches higher
  • 32-bit digital electronics: The latest 32-bit chips and circuit boards were developed instead of typical 24-bit system, which lead that the precision of the transducers is superior to competitive units, and ensure the ultimate accuracy for characterizing samples by nitrogen adsorption with micropore or ultra-low surface area less 2 m²/g.
  • iBET-201A owns 1 mesopore/micropore samples ports with degassing additional six samples simultaneously by dedicated degassing station. The system is suitable to universities, research institutions and industrial R&D with analysis of surface area and pore size of super-microporous, or micro- and mesoporous Chemisorption is available.



型号 iBET-201A-MP iBET-204A iBET-206A
Analysis ports 1 4 6
1000 Torr Transducer 5 6 8
Electronic Signal (ADC) 32 bits
P0 Port 1
Constant void volume system Build-in
Repeatability 0.1% (Based on RM)
Surface area range 0.005m2/g upto no upper limit
孔径范围 3.5Å ~ 5000Å 12Å ~ 4000Å
P/P0 range 5×10-10 to 1 1×10-4 to 1
Minimum Pore volume < 0.0001ml/g 0.0001ml/g
P/P0 pressure resolution 1×10-10
Accuracy of Transducer ±0.1% FS ±0.1%
LN2 uninterrupted time Upto 72 hrs Upto 32 hrs
Vacuum pump ability 1×10-12 mmHg 2×10-3 mmHg
Adsorbates N2, Ar, CO2, Kr, any non-corrosive gas
Degassing system 3 ports degas station 6 ports degas station
  • Achieve best accuracy for ultra-low surface area and pore size by nitrogen adsorption.
  • Repeatability of conventional samples is better than 0.1%
  • Long-term stability for low surface area analysis is better than 1%
  • Breaking through the traditional “mesopore used instrument” and making micropore analysis by N₂ successful.

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