Capillary Flow Porometer

  • Series: Innova UNP-1100 / Innova UNP-1200/ Innova UNP-1500 Innova Ultra-Nano Porometer (Innova-UNP) is a combination of Capillary Flow Porometer(gas-liquid method) that measure large pores of 500 um to 0.013 um and has liquid-liquid Porometer function to accurately measure much smaller pores. The Innova-UNP is the only commercially available pore size measurement system which can accurately measure pores from macro, micro, ultra and nano range. Capillary Flow Porometer and Liquid Liquid Porometer in a single machine Measures Through Pores from 2...

  • Model: iCFP-1100 / iCFP-1200 / iCFP-1500 iCFP is a new generation Porometer of Capillary Flow Porometer based on gas-liquid displacement method (ASTM-F316) Non-destructive nature of testing Fully automated & computer controlled operations Testing of small samples as well as complete parts Use of many non-wetting liquid (Example: Water, Alcohol, Silwet solution & Galwet solution)

  • Bubble Point

    Model:  BPT-A200 The Bubble Point Tester is a computer-based automatic test machine that can be used to analyze the performance of a porous media, such as membrane, non-woven, ceramic, fabric, etc... Test method is Based on ASTM 316

  • Liquid Liquid Porometer

    Model: HFP-100 / HFP-200 / HFP-500 The Hydro Fluid Porometer is a next generation Porometer based on Liquid Liquid displacement method. The Innova HFP can measure pore size distribution and pore structure analysis of various porous materials with ease. The testing method is Liquid-Liquid displace test function. It is suited for R&D and QC in industries worldwide such as filtration, nonwovens, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, household, food, hygienic products, fuel cell, water purification, and battery. Samples often tested include filter media,...

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