Innova Porometer

Model: Innova-100N / Innova-200N / Innova-500N

  • Innova Porometer is a new type of Porometer, its test methods include gas-liquid replacement method (CFP) and liquid-liquid replacement method (LLP).
  • For the type of liquid used for testing, the Innova Porometer has no restrictions, it can accurately sense the flow of various liquids.
  • Pore size range: From 0.002um up to 500um.
  • Flow detection range: 200LPM to 0.00005 sccm.
  • Touch panel design, easy to operate.

According to ASTM F316-03

  • Where a nontoxic wetting liquid can spontaneously fill the pores in the sample and a non reacting Gas (Liquid) can displace liquid from pores.
  • First the largest pores will get emptied, as they require lower pressure than smaller pores.
  • As the pressure is increased, more and more smaller pores are progressively emptied.
  • The pressure and flow rate of Gas (Liquid) through the emptied pores provides the through pore distribution. The pressure at which through pores empty is inversely proportional to the pore size.
  • Through pores are the pores connected from one side of material to the other side. Innova Porometer measures the pore throat diameter, which is the most constricted part of the entire pore path.


Application: Non-woven, Electrospinning, Glass fiber, Filter paper, Membrane-MF/UF/NF, Hollow fiber, Hemodialysis, Ceramic, Sintered metal, PTFE, Battery Separator, Fuel cell GDL


Model Innova-100N Innova-200N Innova-500N
Test Method Gas-Liquid replacement and Liquid-Liquid replacement
Pressure range 100 psi 200 psi 500 psi
Maximum pore 500 um 500 um 500 um
Minimum pore 10 nm 5 nm 2 nm
Sample size Dia. ≤ 60mm and Thickness upto 30mm
Testing liquid Galwet, Silwet, Porewet, IPA, Water, IBA… any non-corrosive liquid can be used.
Sample Geometry Flat Sheets, Rods, Tubes, Hollow Fibers, Cartridges…
Pressure control Automatic, 0-120psi / 0-250psi / 0-600 psi ; Resolution:000072
Pressure Regulator Single Duel, Auto switch Duel, Auto switch
Gas flow range 0-200 L/min 0-200 L/min 0-200 L/min
Flow Control Automatic, 0-30cc / 0-100cc /0-500cc ; Resolution: 0.00025
Liquid flow range 0.00005-10 sccm 0.00005-10 sccm 0.00005-10 sccm
Hollow Fiber Test Outside-in and Inside-out, the sample is placed directly in the standard sample chamber, no external test module is required.
Sample chamber Stainless steel, Two chamber design

Size:Φ99mm X 60mm (Depends on actual test requirements)

Data transfer External PC or Build-in Touch panel PC
Operation Automatic test mode and manual operate mode
Test Type Gas-Liquid method and Liquid-Liquid method

Pore size distribution

Bubble point


Pressurized gas Clean and dry gas, such as air and nitrogen gas.

Air Compressor or Gas cylinders

Environmental Ambient Temperature: 20℃ to 35℃

Humidity: 35% to 55%

Power AC 100V-240V, 10A, 50/60Hz

Standard Accessories:

Main body, Adapter plate, Insert, Adapter/Insert remover, Non-Pore disc, Quickly connector, Drain hose, Testing liquid (Galwet/Silwet/Porewet) 100ml,  Spanner wrenches, Grease, O-ring, USB/AC Power cable, Software USB flash drive, Inspection report, Operating manual(ENG).

Optional Accessories:

Hollow fiber testing adapter, EPOXY.

  • Bubble point, Mean flow pore diameter, Smallest Pore Diameter
  • Flow rate vs Pressure (Wet curve, Dry curve and Half dry curve)
  • Cumulative and Differential Filter Flow%
  • Pore size distribution vs Diameter
  • Pore size distribution and Cumulative FF
  • % Cumulative filter flow vs Diameter
  • Gas permeability, Darcy’s Law
  • Frequency distribution and Cum. FF
  • Output: Raw Test, Excel, PDF



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