Gas Pycnometer [Coming Soon…]

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Model: Innova PYC-IA and Innova PYC-IIA

  • The Gas Pycnometer uses gas replacement method to determine the true volume and true density of powders and bulk solids.
  • Using high-precision detector for volume measurements and density with porosity calculations.
  • The true density refers to the actual mass per unit volume of a solid in an absolutely dense state, that is, the density after removing the internal pores or inter-particle voids (called the true density).
  • Based on Standard: ASTM B923, C604, D2638, D550, D5965, D6093, D6226, USP 699

The true density test method is using the “Gas replacement method”- based on the of Archimedes principle-gas expansion displacement method, the use of small molecules of inert gas (helium or nitrogen) under control conditions of the Law of Bohr (PV=nRT), By measuring the decrease in gas volume of the test chamber caused by the sample being placed in the test chamber, the true volume of the test sample is calculated, and the true density is analyzed.

Pressurized target pressure of the displacement gas into reference volume chamber (a known volume). after pressure stabilized, recorded the pressure. And then opened valve allowing the gas to expand into sample chamber whose volume is also know. Once pressure stabilized, recorded this second pressure. This pressure drop ratio is then compared to the behavior of the system when a known volume standard underwent the same process.


Model Innova PYC-IA Innova PYC IIA
Method Gas replacement
Number of Sample Chambers Single chamber Dual chamber
Sample cell volume 10cc upto 300cc (others available)
Sample type Flat sheet, Hollow fiber, Powders, and bulk solids
Test type Vacuum, High pressure and Ambient
Gas type Helium and any non-corrosive gas including air can be used
Accuracy: ± 0.05% of F.S
Precision Reproducibility is typically to within ± 0.01%
Operating Model External PC or Build in Touch panel PC
Operation type Automatic test mode and manual control mode
Temperature control Option, circulator bath (15℃ to 50℃)
Safety protects Pressure, Temperature (Option)
Operate system Windows 7/8/10, USB communication type
Parameter •Can defined repeat times of measurements by user

•Reproducibility: user defined, ≥0.001%

•Automatic repeated run for user specified maximum no. of runs ease of operation & high performance.

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