Automatic Water Vapor Transmission Analyzer

Model: WVTA-9601

The test methods cover the determination of water vapor transmission (WVT) of materials through paper, plastic films, PTFE membrane and other sheet materials.

Test dishes filled with distilled water in a controlled dry atmosphere, a constant humidity difference is generated between two sides of the test specimen, the water vapor permeates through the specimen and into the dry side, water vapor transmission rate and other parameters can be obtained by measuring the weight changes of the test dish in different time.

  • Principle of Cup Weighing Method.
  • Computer control, fully automatic test, one-key operation.
  • Single Chamber design, multiple test modes such as smart mode can be selected.
  • Auto Temperature and humidity control system.
  • Data checking trail and traceability.
  • System usage log record.
  • Built-in ambient temperature sensor and humidity sensor.
  • Traceable reference film calibration
  • Supports DSM system (DSM, lab data management system, optional).
  • 5-level user authority management.



Model WVTA-9601
Specimen Chamber 1
Test range 0.01 ~ 19,000 g/m2·24h (Standard)
Test accuracy 0.01 g/m2·24h
Weighing resolution 0.0001g
Temperature range 15°C ~ 60°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.1°C
Humidity range 10% – 95%RH, 90%RH (standard)
Humidity accuracy ±1%RH
Test area 28.26 cm2
Specimen size Φ76 mm
Specimen thickness ≤ 3mm
Air flow rate 0.5 ~ 2.5m/s (customization available)
System chamber size 8L
Gas supply Air, 0.2MPa ~ 1.0MPa
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Dimension 330mm (L) x 600mm (D) x 340mm (H)
Net Weight 35kg



Standard accessories

  • Main system
  • Operate Software
  • Dish for Water Vapor Transmission Tests
  • Constant humidity control device
  • Communication cable
  • Calibration weight
  • Operate manual
  • Pressure regulator valve
  • Sampler, Desiccant, Ultrafiltration filter


Optional accessories

  • Personal Computer
  • Air compressor
  • Standard membrane
  • Desiccant
  • DSM lab data management system



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