BET 比表面积分析仪

  • Innova BET Sorptometer

    分析站:分为1 站、4 站与 6 站,能够测量很宽范围的吸附, 等温线的吸附/物理吸附. BET、Langmuir 细观孔径分布:BJH、Dollimore-Heal 微孔面积和体积:Dubinin- Radushkevich, t-Plot 方法 微孔分布:MP、HK、SF、DA, 并与 NLDFT 兼容. 微孔体积测量量精度可达在0.0001cc/g的检测或更高精度需求。分析方式: 物理吸附, 化学吸附, 高温吸附。多功能性,可藉由单点或多点模式量测总表面积、BET表面积、孔总体积、等温吸脱附曲线、平均孔径、孔分布等孔结构。

  • iBET-04P

    Analysis stations: 4-Station, fully automated operate Surface Area and Pore Size by Gas Sorption Adsorption / Desorption isotherm Specific surface area: BET, Langmuir Meso pore size distribution: BJH, Dollimore-Heal Micropore area and volume: Dubinin-Radushkevich, t-Plot method Micropore distribution: MP, HK, DA, DR and t-Plot Total pore volume and average pore width Auto Degassing: full-automatic, 4 degassing modes are selectable

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