Gas Permeability Tester

The Darcy’s Law Gas Permeability Analyzer is a computer-based automatic test machine that can be used to analyze the performance of a porous media, such as membrane, non-woven, ceramic, fabric…


  • Darcy’s Law
  • Differential Pressure (Pressure Drop)
  • Gurley
  • Frasier
  • C-522




Operate Type Touch panel
Testing Pressure 0 – 70 psi
Permeability Range 1 x 10-3 – 50 Darcy (Others available)
Pressurized Gas clean, dry and non-corrosive gas (N2, AIR…)
Testing Area Dia. 1 cm 〜 5 cm (Others available)
Pressure Detection and Control System Automatic Control
Pressure Transducer 0 – 100 psi (Others available)
Maximum Air Flow Range 0 to 100 L/min (Others available)
Flow Control Manual and Auto, with Program control
Sample Clamp Type Pneumatic air cylinder type




Ambient Pressure 75 to 110 kPa (absolute)
Ambient Temperature 10 ℃ to 35 ℃
Humidity 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Compressed Air (optional) 7kg / cm2, 7 SCFM / 550kPa, 198 SLPM
Power Single Phase 110V/220V , 5A




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